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  • Borrowers Make Significant Equity Investment

    <65% Average Loan To Value

  • Borrowers Maintain Excellent Credit Worthiness

    Average Credit Scores >680

  • Real Estate Investors Demand Short Term Bridge Financing

    18 Months or Less Term Bridge Financing

Nationally Ranked Private Lender

CALCAP has established itself as a leader in investor and business-purpose residential real estate lending market.  Currently originating loans while expanding nationwide, loan production generates excellent investment opportunities through CALCAP’s flagship fund, the CALCAP Income Fund I, LLC or via direct investor participation in trust deed investments.

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Housing Fundamentals Support Rental Housing Financing

Supply and Demand fundamentals remain positive and reflect continued significant demand for rental housing.  The large wave of aging Baby Boomers who are downsizing,  combined with younger Millennials entering the market,  will continue to create unprecedented rental demand over the next 20 years.

  • The market for SFR Rentals is huge with over 14MM rental homes in the US
  • Home price forecasts indicate rising prices
  • Housing stock is rapidly aging and the supply of new construction remains slow to meet demand and household growth
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