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  • Target Investments

    Focused on workforce housing debt and equity, or demographically-driven housing investments
  • Expanding Geographic Presence

    Active in 14 States
  • Capital Stack

    Up to 90% CLTV

Strategic Opportunities

CALCAP Advisors evaluates alternative real estate investment opportunities for individual and institutional investors. The Company maintains a highly selective disciplined investment approach, focused on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns; CALCAP Advisors has been able to provide investors with outstanding returns over the past 10+ years.

We continue to seek sound investments focused on the workforce housing sector, in markets with strong economics, properties with upside, and more importantly, historically strong performing residential rental real estate assets. Our experience as owner operators, property managers, and lender, gives us a unique strength to pursue preferred equity opportunities.

Workforce housing continues to provide strong investment opportunities and is a business sector seeing consistent growth.


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